Saturday, May 29, 2004


Man on the Bicycle

One of the most touching stories I knew of happened during the invasion.

Two young brothers were shot dead in their car in the Saydeyyah district in Baghdad by the Americans a few days before the fall of Baghdad. No official business whatsoever! They were simply going to check on a sister.

An old man riding a bicycle was passing by, he stopped and took the two boy’s watches and wallets.

Examining their ID cards, remembering vaguely that their family (who happened to be an old Baghdadi family) lived in the Shawwaaka district of Baghdad (about 8 miles away), he went there on his bicycle under heavy bombardment to look for them. He was told that they had moved to another district, Hartheyyah – about 4 miles away.

He finally managed to locate the two boys’ family after two days, told them of what had happened to their sons, gave them their belongings and refused to take anything for his effort!

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