Sunday, June 27, 2004


Iraqi Greetings!

The following exchange of greetings is between three friends. All three are Iraqis living in three different countries!

Friend A (from Iraq): Ayyamkum Saeeda! [Tr: “May your days be happy!” Traditional Eid Greeting] I wish you all Health and Happiness...May God bring us all peace and prosperity under the wise leadership of … [names of some “imported neo-politicians” Iraqis are fond of making fun of]...amen!

Friend B (from UK) Thanks and God bless you... I must rise to this unfair statement. A year ago many people in Baghdad were scared from Ali Hassan Al Majeed, Sabawee & Sons and any good looking daughter they had was a target of bedding Udday... Love to all.

Friend C (Jordan): Eid Mubarek. Thanks for writing to me. The issue you bring up is worth discussing...A year ago we knew who to be scared of. Can we NAME who are we scared of today? and are we not still worried when our ladies go out? God Bless You All

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